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Hand Dyed Flags

All of our Flags are made from 100% 8 mm silk habotai and have been specially treated to enhance UV reactivity, in other words they Glow under Black Light. Each set of Flags is then hand tied and dyed, so a style or color combination can be duplicated but no 2 sets will ever be identical.

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         Large 45" x 54" Flags

​​The Origins of Flagging

The art of flagging dance, often called flag spinning, flag dancing, or rag spinning, but more commonly referred to as flagging, is the undulation, spinning and waving of flags in a rhythmic fashion to music. Practitioners of this form of performance art and dance are usually referred to as "flaggers" and "flag dancers", though until the 1990's this mostly referred to those waving flags to aid transportation professions (flag semaphore)

The origins of flag dancing are said to reach as far back as the development of the earliest neanderthals, though it is unclear if any actual studies have ever been done on the subject. some point to evidence of flagging in Chinese folklore dating back three thousand years. others refer to the Maori spooky tribes of New Zealand. Today, there are many Italian flagger troupes tracing their flagging history to the Middle Ages. The lack of hard studies aside, it is reasonable to accept that artistic flagging has probably been around as long as flags themselves.

       ​Standard 36" x 45" Flags